Olivier Berté propose a new concept to Recruiting Firm and Recruiters !

Fouet et toque de cuisinier vectoriels 1

cook&recruit by Olivier Berté

A new method of recruitment to chose the best candidate for a position.

Hide your recruitment session with a friendly atmosphere with an epicurean activity which is both fun and useful:

A Cooking Workshop.

Why choose this innovative idea in your recruitment?

In an unusual and relaxed setting, people have a tendency to be themselves and forget the real reason for their presence.

This method can reveal candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, in order to avoid hiring errors that can be costly for businesses.

Quickly enamored by the activity under the command of the Chief, each will take his place.

Candidates are placed in a real situation that allows their true selves to be revealed.

True characters are revealed throughout the class and creation of the menu.

The chef quickly identifies the personalities of the candidates: creativity, accepting hierarchy, respect, taking initiative, ambition, etc…

Your candidates are supervised for 4 hours with the Chef and his assistant.

On the program:

  • Welcome breakfast
  • Cooking workshops—preparation of a full menu: appetizer, entree and dessert
  • Dining together seated around the table

Beforehand, the chef will look at the description of the position and the candidates’ CVs. Exchanges are required in advance with the recruiter.

After the workshop, the chef does a debriefing with of the candidates with the recruiter.